If you've got Macromedia Shockwave installed, you're already listening to a special condensed version of the new CD from Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre: The Most Stimulating Thing You Can Do With Your Head. (Full length RealAudio versions of a few cuts are further down the page.) This little plastic disc contains simply the finest and funniest recorded moments in the 20 year history of DBMT. It's an aural cornucopia of laser-targeted lampoonery, surrealistic shtick and just good old-fashioned yuks -- served up in stream of 90 second chunks for comedy connoisseurs on the go, or people with attention deficit disorder, whichever comes first. This is the first time the Ducks have appeared on CD, and we've winnowed and sifted the repertoire to offer the creme de la comedy, the phoenix of funny, the... well, you get the idea.

If you're not already a DBMT fan, if you've landed on this page by some happy accident [maybe you did an Alta Vista search for "lampoonery"?] you might be asking yourself, "Who or what is Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre?"

It (they? whatever...) is/are a troupe of comedy performers, dubbed the "American Monty Python" by Newsweek, and perhaps best known for a trio of characters spawned from the group's shows: caustic cultural commentator Ian Shoales, burnout-sage Randee of the Redwoods, and that master of erroneous erudition, Dr. Science.

While all those gentlemen* do appear on the CD, the disc focuses on the Ducks' ensemble work. If you only know Ian, Randee and the good Doctor, you don't really know Duck's Breath. Which means you're in for quite a treat, because HomeMade Radio has enough wit-per-second to pop wheelies inside your skull.

Hey, Kids!First Ones' Free...
We've provided a few Duck bits for your Web listening pleasure in RealAudio 5 format. (You might want to wait for the 'trailer' to finish... unless you want Dueling Ducks coming out of your speakers. And here's a RealAudio version of the trailer for the Shockwave-deprived.)


Denny, the In-House Psychologist

The Fargo Go-Far Travel Company

The Loving Couple

Life Unearthed: The Scorpion

Check it out! Coming Attractions
Every few months we'll cycle the audio clips and put up five differentselections. And we've got new plans to produce a 'Duckstory' video retrospective, a visual chronicle of the groups career. It's going to take a little while to search through the video archives... OK, more than a little while (could be 'years in the making'), but we'll get there eventually. Somwhere along the way, we'll put some sample video clips on this site.

Check this page for future developments.

We want you to come back.

We want you to love Duck's Breath.

We want you to need Duck's Breath.

We want you to buy the damn CD.

Not that we're mercenary.
CALL 1-800-989-DUCK

Not that we would ever sink to crass commercialism.

After all, Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre began by performing for free beer at Gabe's Tap in Iowa City, Iowa. And we've shown a willingness to exchange genius for suds for over twenty years. The problem, of course, is that you can't deliver beer through the 'Net...
So we have to take money. For now.

* Well, none of the Ducks are exactly gentlemen ... but we had a big argument about what to call them, and with the guys holding out for terms like "gigga-hunks" and "rod gods" things were looking pretty dicey... until we reminded them that their Mom's might see this page, at which point we compromised on the present terminology. (ed.) [back]

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